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Study links honesty to prefrontal region of the brain

Research links brain impairment to honesty

September 8, 2014:

Lead author of new study linking honesty to a certain region of the brain says the findings have significant implications for understanding social interaction and cooperation within business organizations and beyond.

Research News Brief

Research News Brief April 23, 2013:

Nearly half of Chinese manufacturing firms are audited either by foreign or domestic customers, but a large percentage of their workers still work more unpaid overtime than legally allowed, says a new study by UC Berkeley economists Jeff Perloff and Guojun He.

Haas prof to advise U.S. Treasury on financial risks

Haas prof to advise U.S. Treasury on financial risks November 27, 2012:

Professor Nancy Wallace of the Haas School of Business has been selected to serve on a committee charged with advising the U.S. Department of Treasury on improving the quality of financial data and improving analysis of risks to the financial system. The new group holds its inaugural meeting on Dec. 5.